An essential quality you need to possess as an ‘EDCer’ is self- reliance, so instead of having to borrow a pen when you need one in a public place or at a post office, you really should think about adding a pen to your purse or wallet. Asides the fact that you can maintain your self-reliance, it is also very convenient and quick to use.

You don’t have to quickly search for your phone when trying to take down a note or something close. You have to bring out your durable and pocket- friendly pen. It does not necessarily have to be very fancy; it should only be reliable and durable.

Now, let’s talk about the best EDC pens you should consider getting.

  • POKKA PENS: This sure sounds like a pocket, and just like its name is small and very comfortable to take it around with you. They are quite portable and look smaller when capped but stretch to a useable length when uncapped. The ballpoints are also available in different colors and come with a rite refill for when they are required.
  • FISHER SPACE PEN: This pen sure takes the top in every list of best EDC pen as it sure is one you should consider getting as well. Not much as evolved on the bullet pen since its first time in the market. However, this is an example of great innovation. This bullet pen is sturdy, slim, and can write anywhere possible. The cartridge gives the chance to write even in the rain, upside down, through oil and grease, and even in space!
  • BIGIDESIGN TI CLICK: This brand always works on evolving and improvement on every of their product, and this sure makes their pens stand out. Its best features designs have all been combined and placed in one super mobile pen, the unique grip collet in front of the pen adjusts automatically to the refill you are making use of at that moment. Their pen is also made out of a hundred percent metal, and so is built to last a lifetime. It is machined from grade 5 titanium and will even be passed unto the next generation.
  • EVERYMAN GRAFTON: This is a pen that not only gives you the value for your money but lasts a lifetime too. It is an all-metal pen and sure saves cost as well. The price might sound exorbitant, but the colorful design and solid construction might as well justify the cost.  It is designed out of anodized 6061 aluminum and then bolted with a heavy-duty clip. Some ridges are placed in between the front of the pen to provide a firm grip, it weighs just 1 oz, and so it can’t be described as either too light or heavy.
  • THE JAMES BRAND ‘BENTON’ PEN: The James brand has been known over the years for their exceptional set of multi-tools and knives, and now they have placed all their manufacturing expertise into being able to bring an elegant pen into existence.  It is a pen made out of stainless steel and has a laser-etched dot pattern that makes your grip firm when using this sleek pen. It also accepts Parker refills.

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